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Shirley Hill-Brown
Shirley Brown is a native Georgian who has lived her entire life in the metro Atlanta area. She is the 6th of 8 siblings, divorced and the mother of one adult son. Shirley regularly attends Emmanuel Community Church in Conyers, Georgia.  She loves people and also does catering with her sisters through her company called BBHM Consulting LLC. She is also the CEO of Christian Workers Cemetery Club, Inc. Shirley retired from AT&T after 38 years of service however after 11 months she found a new job as the attendance clerk at a high school near her home. She also stays active with travel, home improvement projects and Southeast VSG.  

Shirley’s duodenal switch surgery was performed by Dr. Donald Maynard in 2010. . She has been involved with SouthEast VSG from its inception and excited to see it grow. She believes this is a much needed forum for the bariatric community and is ready to help take it to the next level. Shirley recently retired from AT&T after 39 and a half years of service. 


Melanie Washington-Davis, Chairman of the Board

Melanie is a life long resident of Miami, Florida and resides with her husband Stinson and 2 of their 3 sons. She previously worked as a Senior Buyer at the Miami Jewish Home and is also a bariatric patient. She had her "sleeve" performed in 2008 in Mexico by Dr. Guillermo Alvarez. Melanie is currently working towards her Bachelors Degree in social work at Florida International University. She is an avid reader and an excellent cook. 

Denise London​​

Denise London is the Founder of the Bariatric Wellness Journey and CEO of Denijon Enterprises. LLC.. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, marketing executive, author, blogger, patented inventor, and professional speaker, Denise London is living the bariatric wellness journey. Many of Denise’s relatives died from complications related to diabetes, suffered from blindness, strokes, and neuropathy.  Some were even forced to undergo amputations, so when Denise was diagnosed with the disease, she knew it was serious.  For years she struggled with health issues related to her diabetes and obesity. She tried just about every diet and exercise routine out there to keep her weight and diabetes under control, only to have her health continue to deteriorate.  She decided to tackle her diabetes and weight issues head on instead of having knee replacement surgery.

Denise had gastric bypass surgery in 2010, and it was one of the best decisions she ever made.  She got down to a healthy weight, and the diabetes disappeared.  Over the course of her journey, Denise learned that bariatric wellness is about much more than eating healthy and staying active—it’s about taking care of the inner and outer you. Meditating, journaling, joining a support group, and taking a renewed interest in fashion were just some of the ways she nourished not just her physical wellbeing, but her mental and emotional wellbeing too. Denise, now shares her experiences, along with the resources she’s discovered and in some cases developed, she provides both inspiration and guidance for those considering weight loss surgery, or going through the journey themselves.

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