Robin Washington, Founder

Robin Washington is the Executive Director of SouthEast VSG Incorporated. In 2007, She had a bariatric procedure called the “sleeve” or vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico under Dr. Guillermo Alvarez. It restored her failing health and gave her back her life. As a result, she has developed a passion to help others who have had bariatric procedures. Seven years later, she started a social media group. She quickly realized that a lot of people were experiencing “regain” or struggling to keep the weight off so in January 2015 she founded SouthEast VSG Inc. Later that same year, she executed the first SouthEast VSG Conference which was held in Atlanta, Georgia. This conference brought together professionals, pre- and post- bariatric patients who sought knowledge, encouragement and  motivation to get back or stay on track. 

​Robin has worked for a major Telecommunications Company since 1979 and recently graduated from Georgia Piedmont Technical College in August 2015 with a degree in Marketing Management with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. She has also been in direct sales over 20 years and recently started a new company NextJourney Travel Agency. Robin currently resides in the metro Atlanta area where she has raised 3 young adults whom she is extremely proud of. She is driven and excited about growing this dynamic and unique non-profit and looking forward to building a team of energetic volunteers while helping others.

​SouthEast VSG

Equip. Encourage. Motivate.